Main Switch

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Main Switch Rewireable
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Item Code: CSGN

Main Switches, are specially designed to meet the stringent requirement of various domestic and industrial applications. These compact and totally enclosed dust and weather proof units are available in elegant sheet steel enclosure with ample wiring space Knock-outs are provided for cable entries at convenient positions. Single Pole Rewireable and HRC Switch fuses are available in current ratings of 16A to 32A at a rated voltage of 240V. In keeping with the standards these units are tested for required making and breaking capacity.

Switch fuses designed to provide reliable isolation and protection under stringent conditions of services. These metal clad switch fuses are available for current rating of 16A to 300A at a rated voltage of 415V. These are available in Side and Front Handle Models.

Rewireable Fuse Unit Sheet Steel Enclosure

16 A With Neutral TPN/415V CSGN16
32 A With Neutral TPN/415V CSGN32
63 A With Neutral TPN/415V CSGN63
100 A With Neutral TPN/415V CSGN100
200 A With Neutral TPN/415V CSGN200
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Cubicle Main Switch
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Item Code: CSGO

Cubicle Main Switch offered features latest technology support and find use in safely making & breaking on load as well as meeting the demands of secured breaking of low voltage electrical circuit. Finding suitability for use as in switch board, individual enclosures, power panels among others, these operate on working phase of TPN/415V with power options of 32 A, 63 A, 100 A, 125 A, 200A, 250 A, 315 A, 400 A, 630 A. Some of its features include quick make & quick break mechanism, high mechanical & electrical life, high thermal & dynamic withstanding support, bounce free contacts at the time of make and break, choice of using any pole as neutral among others.


Cubicle Fuse Unit (Panel Mounting) With HRC Fuse

32 A TPN/415V

Without Enclosure







63 A TPN/415V
100 A TPN/415V
125 A TPN/415V
200A TPN/415V
250 A TPN/415V
315 A TPN/415V
400 A TPN/415V
630 A TPN/415V
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HRC Main Switch
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Item Code: CSGH

HRC Main Switch offered comes with option of double break side handle of phase TPN/415V and provide for fail proof operating support as per the working requirements of the customers. Featuring presence of spring loaded contacts in main switch, its wide body designing also provides comfortable space for making connections. Some of its features include fitted with fuses of standardized make, available in options of 63 amp to 1000 ampere, featuring heavy duty pure copper contacts & lead free brass support among others.


HRC Fuse Unit Double Break Side Handle

63 A TIS TPN/415V CSGH63
100 A TCP TPN/415V CSGH100
200 A TF TPN/415V CSGH200
300 A TKF TPN/415V CSGH300
400 A TTS TPN/415V CSGH400
500 A TTS TPN/415V CSGH500
600 A TTMS TPN/415V CSGH600
800 A TTMS TPN/415V CSGH800
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Main Switch
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Item Code: CSPN


Rewireable Fuse Unit Sheet Steel Enclousre

16 A SPN/240V CSPN 16
32 A SPN/240V CSPN 32
16 A DP/240V CSP 16
32 A DP/240V CSP 32
63 A DP/415V CSP 63
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